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Mid-Rise Condos For Rent in Maple

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About Maple's Mid-Rise Condos For Rent

Welcome to Maple, a neighbourhood in the city of Burlington with 8 Mid-Rise buildings with condos for rent.

Mid-Rise condos for rent in Maple are commonly referred to as buildings of more than four stories and less than eight storeis. The charm and character of these buildings make up a large part of the draw. The size of Mid-Rise condo buildings in Maple can vary greatly, with just a few units or they may be quite dense. The choices for configuration of Mid-Rise condos for rent in Maple can also have a wide range.

Smaller buildings that are less expensive to build overall, may include more architectural features and other design features that set it apart. Newer builds will strive to keep the continuity of the neighbourhood. They may take historical references from the buildings around them and strive to offer what can't be found in high-rise condo buildings. These thoughtful Mid-Rise condo projects are of importance in neighbourhoods where bylaws stand to uphold sight lines and other existing community elements. Older Mid-Rise condos for rent in Maple may lack some of the amenities of newer Mid-Rise condo builds. However, condos for rent in new Mid-Rise condo buildings in Maple are not as easy to find with rising costs to build and developers wanting to maximize the number of units in their buildings.

You can find the neighbourhoods of Downtown Burlington and Brant nearby which have Mid-Rise condo buildings. This neighbourhood is Very Bikeable with a bike score of 79. Some Transit is available in Maple. Maple is Car-Dependent with a walk score of 38.

Maple Condos For Rent

Seen as one of Burlington's condo hot spots, Maple, has a total of 14 condo buildings. Condo development in this neighbourhood has been booming with 1 Low-Rise, 2 Luxury, 8 Mid-Rise, 4 High-Rise, and 1 Pre-Construction in Maple. There are limitless selections of condos for sale in Maple to call home. Condos for sale in Maple spend an average of 26 days on market. There were 214 condos sold in Maple in 2020. Maple saw an increase in the number of condos sold by 410% compared to the year before. Condos for sale in Maple had an average sale price of $$644,888 last year, an decrease of -9% from the prior year. This neighbourhood is Car-Dependent with a walk score of 38. Some Transit is available in Maple. This neighbourhood is Very Bikeable with a bike score of 79. The neighbourhoods Downtown Burlington and Brant are nearby.

Pane Fresco and The Sunshine Doughnut Co. are great bakeries in Maple. A fresh cup of java or tea is never hard to find with Pane Fresco in the hood. Locals of Maple love dining at Pane Fresco and Snack Shack. You can spend the afternoon enjoying the outdoors at parks in Maple like Terry Fox Memorial and The Naval Ships' Memorial Monument,. You can find the pharmacy Goldencare Pharmacy-Burlington in Maple. Maple is lucky to be home to a hospital, Joseph Brant Hospital. There are always new exhibits and events happening at Art Gallery of Burlington. If you're a health and fitness fanatic, hopefully you are living in a condo building with a great gym. If not Craniosacral & Shiatsu Therapy By Jennifer Song, RCST is a super popular fitness center with locals. Local schools of Maple include Ecole elementaire Renaissance and Burlington Central.