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Welcome to Hamilton, a stunning port city at the western end of Lake Ontario with an exciting condo scene.

Home to over 500,000 people, Hamilton is famed for its prime location, situated right between the beauty of Lake Ontario itself and the rich natural landscapes of the Niagara Escarpment. It's a wonderful place for nature lovers, but also has a successful economy, with many start-ups and successful businesses in Hamilton too.

Hamilton is also a great place to buy a condo. There are many condos for sale in Hamilton and 192 condo buildings in Hamilton in total. You can find all kinds of Hamilton condos for sale, including Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, High-Rise, Luxury, Pre-Construction, and Loft too, so this city certainly has something for everyone.

Condos For Sale in Hamilton Neighborhoods

Hamilton is quite a vast city, with a lot of different neighborhoods. Hamilton condos for sale can be found dotted around in many parts of the city, from east to west, but you'll find the highest amount of condos for sale in Hamilton in the central areas like Central Hamilton, Beasley, Corktown, and Durand.

These Hamilton condos for sale are well-situated for trips to the city's attractions and landmarks, like Dundurn Castle, the HMCS Haida National Historic Site, and Bayfront Park.

Those looking for something in a different part of the city will also find condos in places like Strathcona, Kirkendall North, Kirkendall South, the North End East, Ainslie Wood, Mountview, Gilbert, Rolston, Berrisfield, and Quinndale too, so it's possible to find some great condos for sale in Hamilton both in the heart of the city and in the quieter suburban neighborhoods too.

Hamilton Condos For Sale Market

There were 199 Hamilton condos sold last year. This represents a increase of 9% more condos sold in Hamilton. The average days on market for condos for sale in Hamilton is 19 days, and the average sale price of condos in Hamilton is $395,330. An ever-expanding city, Hamilton also has many new condo buildings under construction, both in the center and the suburbs, giving buyers even more options.

All Things Condos For Sale in Hamilton

Those who choose to buy condos for sale in Hamilton will find a lot to love about this city, including its natural surroundings, interesting landmarks, and rich culture. It has a walk score of 73, a bike score of 83, and a transit score of 69, with the city offering a range of buses that make it relatively easy for locals to get around without having to rely on their own cars.