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Welcome to London, a cultural and educational hub in southwestern Ontario home to many unique condos.

Located just north of Lake Erie, not far from the international border with the United States, London is well-known as the home of the University of Western Ontario, along with many leading museums like the Children's Museum and Museum London. It's also a city filled with parks and surrounded by wonderful natural spaces, ideal for those who want to feel at one with nature.

Those planning a move to London can consider investing in one of the many London condos for rent. London has 69 condo buildings in total. It has a wide variety of condo types up for rent, including Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, and High-Rise condos for rent in London. There are also some pre-construction London condos for rent too.

Condos For Rent in London Neighborhoods

London is a fascinating city, with a lot of different districts and neighborhoods for locals and visitors to explore and discover. You can find different London condos for rent in different neighborhoods. For example, many of the London condos for rent downtown tend to be High-Rise condos, while those out towards the outskirts or suburbs of the town are mostly Low-Rise and Mid-Rise.

Many of the city's condos tend to be found in Downtown London and surrounding neighborhoods like Soho, Oxford Park, Sugarcreek Village Apartment, and Southcrest. It's also possible to go further afield and find condos for rent in London in areas like Glen Cairn, Fairmont, and Pottersburg.

Many of the London condos for rent are ideally situated for visits to local attractions like Museum London, Springbank Park, the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, and the Banting House National Historic Site, as well as London's premier restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

All Things Condos For Rent in London

Life in London is generally considered to be safe and pleasant, with good work and educational opportunities around the city. It's also a relatively easy place to get around, with a walk score of 38, a bike score of 54, and a transit score of 49, and the London Transit Commission runs several dozen bus routes, including school and community services, around the city.