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New Westminster

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Welcome to New Westminster, a city southwest of Vancouver on the banks of the Fraser River. New Westminster is the oldest city in western Canada, and was founded as British Columbia's capital but was soon after changed.

The city has a vibrant residential area, while maintaining a booming downtown core. Some of the cities top attractions include, Queen's Park, New Westminster Quay, and Westminster Pier Park.

The city of West Minster has plenty of condos to choose from, most being Low-Rise buildings, but still with many High-Rise developments.

Condos For Sale in New Westminster Neighborhoods

The city of West Minster has over 200 condos for sale. Out of these, roughly 65 per cent of the condo developments are Low-Rises, and 25 per cent are High-Rises. The High-Rise buildings in the city tend to be along the Fraser River, in the neighbourhoods of Downtown New Westminster and farther inland in Uptown. The Low-Rise developments are located practically throughout the whole city.

New Westminster Condos For Sale Market

New Westminster condos for sale are on the market for an average of 28 days, and have an average sale price of $582,706. Last year there were 1522 sold in New Westminster. The city saw a increase in the number of condos sold of 1% compared to the year before.

All Things Condos For Sale in New Westminster

New Westminster doesn't have a very large population, but they have a well built-up city that flows properly. The city is very walkable, with a walk score of 74, a bike score of 57, and a good transit system giving it a transit score of 74.