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Saint Albert

What to Expect

Saint Albert is a city in Alberta, just a 30-minute drive northwest of Edmonton. As the city of Edmonton has continued to grow, Saint Albert has felt the effects as many resident's commute to the urban center for employment.


66,082 residents call Saint Albert home, making it the 2nd largest city in the Edmonton region. The percentage of residents with postsecondary education in Saint Albert is higher than the national average.


There are many recreational centers in Saint Albert including a recreational aquatic centre, a kid's play area, two indoor soccer/lacrosse fields, three basketball courts, an exercise room, running track, ice surfaces and more.

What you'll love

The Red Willow park trail system winds through Saint Albert and connects many parks, schools and residential areas, including Lacombe Lake Park. Saint Albert hosts annual festivals including the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival, Kinsmen Rainmaker Rodeo and Rock'n August.