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East End Danforth

East End Danforth Condos For Sale

Located in Toronto, East End Danforth is home to some of the city's coolest condos. This neighbourhood has attracted all kinds of developments, 5 condo buildings to be exact, to its exciting streets. Condo development in this neighbourhood has been thriving with 3 High-Rise, 3 Pre-Construction, 1 Low-Rise, 1 Loft, and 1 Mid-Rise. There are limitless selections of condos for sale in East End Danforth to call home. Condos for sale in East End Danforth are on the market for an average of 25 days. This neighbourhood is Very Bikeable with a bike score of 89. a Rider's Paradise is available in East End Danforth. East End Danforth is a Walker's Paradise with a walk score of 92. Crescent Town and Woodbine Gardens are nearby neighbourhoods.

East End Danforth has many popular bakeries including Nom Nom Nom Cupcakery and Arya Home Bakery & Sweet Ltd. A fresh cup of java or tea is never hard to find with Press books. coffee. vinyl. and Pavillion Pastries Cafe in the hood. Groceries are close-at-hand with supermarkets Ababeel Supermarket, Metro, and M&M Food Market in East End Danforth. Locals of East End Danforth love dining at Grillies(Danforth) and DoubleSushi. East End Danforth offers a lifestyle full of green space for outdoor lovers, parks include Stephenson Park and Coleman Park. You can find pharmacies I.D.A. - Medimost Pharmacy Inc and Metro Pharmacy within walking distance. There is great shopping at Shoppers World Danforth. There are always new exhibits and events happening at Areej Artists Centre inc. If you're a health and fitness fanatic, hopefully you are living in a condo building with a great gym. If not LA Fitness is a super popular fitness center with locals. Animal enthusiasts, good news Kato Animal Hospital is in East End Danforth. UCMAS Abacus & Mental Math School is a nearby schools for children living in East End Danforth. There are many students in this neighbourhood as Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design is located within it. The closest subway station is Main Street.

What to Expect

East End Danforth is the place where Urban and suburban life meet. It’s located in the southeast corner of Toronto with borders just North of the Danforth, Victoria Park in the east, Coxwell in the west and Queen & Kingston in the south. There are walkable areas and access to the TTC. It’s the edge of the need for car ownership. Close to the Danforth, it would be easy to skip this expense, further south, driving will become more than just a perk for day to day living. The neighborhood is packed with amenities, there are huge green spaces, tons of natural areas and recreation facilities. There are schools to service the families living here and lots of options for mini neighborhoods within the larger area. Commercial zones are concentrated on the Danforth, the small piece of Queen that is a part of this neighborhood, and a small section on the eastern side of Kingston. The residential areas offer a huge range of options from towers to single detached.


East End Danforth holds with the pattern all along the subway line, of having an increased number of working age individual. There are also a much a higher rate of young children in the neighborhood which is no surprise given the amount of outdoor space and detached homes. There are nearly equal amounts of detached, semi detached, low rise and high rise occupants, with around 2000 each. There are few neighborhoods with this type of choice and distribution. The seniors who reside here are split between living alone and with family, although there are fewer seniors in the area by more than 25%. The area has seen a nearly 4% increase in growth since 2006, although still medium density at just under 8,000 people per square kilometer. If you look carefully there are even some new builds in the area. Most people in the area speak English but there are a good number of Cantonese speakers as well. There are more than the average number of citizens who have some post secondary education and the average income is on pa...


Because East End Danforth is an urban area that covers nearly three square kilometers, it has a unique combination of concentrated commercial zones and sprawling residential areas. The biggest decision will be between living close to the walkable, subway accessible Danforth and taking advantage of the residential streets further south but having to drive. Once that decision is made, this area will show off what it has for both sets of people. The Danforth is overflowing with shops, services and restaurants. Even where this section this for walkability, transit stations are still frequent and will bring you right back to the busiest portion of the Danforth in minutes. If you choose to own a car, there are numerous options for locations within the neighborhood. The streets are wide and filled with older homes. The south side offers proximity to the lake while the more central areas offer proximity to the green spaces, schools and centres. It’s a lively community with farmer’s markets, activities for kids and ev...

What you'll love

The Williamson Park Ravine. Get out and enjoy a little retreat from urban life in East End Danforth. The trees refresh and there is an access trail at the end of Gainsborough rd. The pocket of Box stores. There is a pocket of box stores on the far east corner of Danforth and Victoria Park. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to buy local, but the convenience of these stores packed into one area is hard to beat. There are large national grocers in the same plazas.