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Liberty Village

Liberty Village Condos For Sale

The great condo neighbourhood of Liberty Village in Toronto has many awesome buildings to choose from with a total of 19 condo buildings. These include 4 Low-Rise, 4 Pre-Construction, 2 Loft, 1 Luxury, 13 High-Rise and 2 Mid-Rise. Condos for sale in Liberty Village offer something for everyone. Condos for sale in Liberty Village spend an average of 16 days on market. Liberty Village had 743 condos sold within it in 2020, an increase of 467% compared to the year before. Condos for sale in Liberty Village had an average sale price of $$728,086 last year, an decrease of -15% from the prior year. Liberty Village is Very Walkable with a walk score of 87. This neighbourhood is a Biker's Paradise with a bike score of 91. a Rider's Paradise is available in Liberty Village. You can find the neighbourhoods of West Queen West and Exhibition Place nearby.

Mad Batter Bakers and Brodflour are great bakeries in Liberty Village. If you are looking for coffee Louie Craft Coffee and Aroma Espresso Bar offer great options in Liberty Village. Do you enjoy being in the kitchen? Pick up groceries at Metro and New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate. Locals of Liberty Village love dining at Locus 144. There is a surprising amount of green space with Bill Johnston Dog Park, Liberty Village Park, and Allan A. Lamport Stadium Park in Liberty Village. Liberty Village Family Care Pharmacy and Liberty Market Pharmacy are a short walk away as well. Shops at King Liberty is a shopping center in Liberty Village that has something for everyone. There are always new exhibits and events happening at Laurier Gallery & Frame Art and Liberty Arts Gallery and Shop. Be sure to check out Jesse Humble Fitness and Fusion Kinetics Inc if your condo building does not have a gym- some great local fitness centers! Animal enthusiasts, good news Liberty Village Animal Hospital is in Liberty Village. The school in Liberty Village is Natalie MacMaster.

What to Expect

Live, work and play, Liberty Village is a self sustaining community just outside of the downtown core. The condo uprising in the south western neighborhood did not go unattended or unnoticed by business owners and national retailers. Perhaps because it was a working community first, with converted industrial buildings on the west side serving as office space for the creative class, this area manages to balance residential living and commercial offerings. This mix creates great walkability while inside the village, with energetic streetlife and mixed use areas. The business and services cater to the working set and a downtown lifestyle. The old and the new blend together, high rise condominiums are contrasted by the industrial conversions, to create an interesting urban landscape. While there are some low rise buildings on offer there are no single or semi detached homes in the village. Green spaces have been integrated and the young trees are taking root. This spot is right above the Lakeshore which provides ...


This is an area dominated by the urban professional, with nearly 40% more working age individuals, between twenty four and forty four, than the city average. There are close to 60% fewer young children and almost 35% fewer older youths. The least represented group by far however are seniors, with more than 66% fewer than the average for Toronto. Of the few who do reside in these buildings, most live with a family member. However,  the majority of people are living alone. 75% of people in the area live in high rise apartments, this is extreme even when compared to the city as a whole where only 41% of people live in high rise. Liberty Village straddles, the Niagara and South Parkdale, city zoned neighborhoods. The majority of residential space contained in Liberty Village is a very densely populated area within this zone.  Between 2006 and 2011 this area saw a 43% increase in population. Almost 85% of residents have some higher education. The average income is on par with the city at $71,000 with fewer low inc...


Liberty Village is filled with amenities and is a highly desirable neighborhood for young urban professionals. Morning will be joyful time with coffee and tea options from great independent shops or the choice of several chains. Afterward you can get a morning workout done at one of the many fitness studios in the village, or take advantage of the gyms provided in the condos. If you prefer a morning walk, you’ll be joined by dog owners at Liberty Village Park, or stroll down to the Lakeshore and enjoy the Martin Goodman Trail. Many residents will enjoy the benefit of working right in the village, with the west side industrial area having been converted into office and studio space. There are also opportunities to work in one of the many retail, services and restaurants in the village. They range from cleaners, grocers and banks to artisanal cafes and upscale dining. There is an LCBO and a Beer store in the central shopping zone but also many pubs and restaurants where you can grab a cocktail and a snack. Pets are accounted for, with dog walking, grooming and care services as well as retail outlets for supplies.  Downtown is less than 10 minutes away on the King streetcar but you will need to leave time to get to King with the only access points several blocks south on both Atlantic and Strachan.

What you'll love

Emerging Scene. This neighborhood is so young and fresh. There are new businesses, events and art spaces opening constantly. The development is still happening and there is an air of opportunity in Liberty Village. All-in-One. This is an exaggeration on the theme of the the city of neighborhoods. It is a nearly self contained and sustaining area, and lives up to its village moniker.