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Regent Park

Regent Park Condos For Sale

Living in Regent Park gives you access to everything Toronto has to offer. With a total of 15 condo buildings, everything your heart desires is available. Regent Park is a perfect fusion of modern and hip condos, there are 11 High-Rise, 5 Pre-Construction, 1 Loft and 4 Mid-Rise. The condos for sale in Regent Park include great amenities. The average days on market for condos for sale in Regent Park is 18 days. Regent Park had 299 condos sold within it in 2020, an increase of 498% compared to the year before. Condos for sale in Regent Park had an average sale price of $$616,801 last year, an increase of 6% from the prior year. This neighbourhood is Very Walkable with a walk score of 81. a Rider's Paradise is available in Regent Park. This neighbourhood is Very Bikeable with a bike score of 75. Trefann Court and Corktown are nearby neighbourhoods.

Le Beau is a great bakery in Regent Park. If you are looking for coffee Show Love Cafe is in Regent Park. Locals recommend eating at Sultan of Samosas and Wendy's in Regent Park - they have great food! There is a surprising amount of green space with Regent Park and Regent Park Learning Centre in Regent Park. You can find the pharmacy HealthShield Pharmacy in Regent Park. The school in Regent Park is Nelson Mandela Park Public School.

What to Expect

Remove your old expectations and see what this dynamic neighborhood has to offer. The effort to overhaul this once overlooked and underfunded community has covered the better portion of two decades and is still ongoing. The idea was to take a community that was cut off from the rest of the city, give a facelift and internal makeover by integrating market value homes and public housing. So far the results are nothing short of amazing. The new grid layout of the streets has increased foot traffic and continuity with the city. The towers look beautiful are keeping with the new Toronto look of modern glass and concrete. With street level commercial space now available, businesses have begun moving into the area providing entrepreneurial opportunity, services and local jobs. It’s a family community, with excellent education programs and recreational facilities. And, with the integrated street design it has become clear that Regent Park's terrific location with excellent proximity to downtown and 24 hour streetcar ...


While this area is still dominated by working age individuals, it has a much higher proportion of children and youth from infants to 24. There are far few seniors in this area. Most people are living in homes with a spouse and children, with some also housing senior members of the family. The change in design from low rise buildings to high rise towers means that most people now live in buildings over five stories. The density of the area has increased significantly but the same number of families who required housing benefits are still receiving them. There have been some temporary relocations during construction. It is expected that  by the end of the third phase revitalization that there will be an additional 60% market price dwellings in the area. It is a mostly English speaking neighborhood but there are also a significant portion of Bengali speakers as well as Tamil and Mandarin. The average household income in Regent Park currently rests at $43,000.


It’s all new. This area is so exciting. There are significant changes happening everyday. Street life has been reborn with walkable street level shopping. The majority of this is still on Queen st. but the new facade of Dundas and the emerging side street businesses are taking off. You’ll be able to shop local and find a good mix of names you already trust. Major services are in place with banks pharmacy and national chain grocers available within walking distance. There are plenty of casual restaurants to choose from and Queen st in particular hosts many great choices for dining out. For families, there are two public schools Nelson Mandela Park and Lord Dufferin. And, one of the best new recreation facilities in Toronto, the newly redesigned Regent Park and the Regent Park Aquatic centre. The aquatic centre has it all, lap pools, leisure pools, a dviningboard, a tarzan rope and a waterslide. There are family times, swim lessons and aquafit. Outside in Regent Park there is green space, a community garden, a ...

What you'll love

Brand new everything. The buildings, the roads and sidewalks, the park, the businesses, all of it is brand new. With it’s modern design, the look and feel should remain the same for years to come. Realizing you’re minutes from downtown. Now that the area has been opened up, it's obvious that the streetcar will connect you to the subway in ten minutes. This area is very close to the core. Getting involved. Living in Regent Park makes you a part of the revitalization and community spirit is high.