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The Beaches

The Beaches Condos For Sale

The vibrant condo neighbourhood of The Beaches in Toronto has many great buildings to choose from with a total of 39 condo buildings.There is a fantastic mix of modern high-rise condos and funky lofts, there are 7 Mid-Rise, 30 Low-Rise, 10 Loft, 2 Luxury, 1 High-Rise and 2 Pre-Construction in The Beaches. There are countless choices of condos for sale in The Beaches to call home. Condos for sale in The Beaches are on the market for an average of 11 days. There were 176 condos sold in The Beaches in 2020. The Beaches saw an increase in the number of condos sold by 577% compared to the year before. Last year condos for sale in The Beaches had an average sale price of $$942,910, an increase of 13% from the year before. The neighbourhoods East End and Upper Beaches are nearby.

Blue cloud cafe, Cakes By Robert: The Beach Nut-Free Bake Shop, and COBS Bread are great bakeries in The Beaches. A fresh cup of java or tea is never hard to find with Blue cloud cafe and Bud's Coffee in the hood. Do you enjoy being in the kitchen? Pick up groceries at Foodland - Toronto. Locals recommend eating at Isabella's Boutique Restaurant in The Beaches - they have great food! Do you love to be outside? There are great parks in The Beaches such as Kew gardens gazebo, Boardwalk, and Kew Gardens. You can find the pharmacy Pharmasave Beaches Pharmacy in The Beaches. Beach Mall is a shopping center in The Beaches that has something for everyone. There are always new exhibits and events happening at Picture Perfect Art & Frames and Pingendi. If you're a health and fitness fanatic, hopefully you are living in a condo building with a great gym. If not SUPGirlz is a super popular fitness center with locals. Take your pets to Kew Beach Veterinary Hospital. Local schools of The Beaches include Balmy Beach Community School, St Denis Catholic School and Kew Beach Junior Public School. Travel far and wide from Airport Limousine Service via airplane.

What to Expect

The Beaches is the most recognizable of all of the east end neighborhoods. With Kingston rd in the north, Newville Park in the west and tapering out at leslie in the east it sits right on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is named for the beautiful parklands along the lake and the accessible, sand beaches that loved by the residents of the neighborhood and many other torontonians as well. It’s a very relaxed beach lifestyle and far removed from the pace of downtown. There are numerous parks interspersed in the area as well. There are schools for the many families that choose this neighborhood and very walkable streets. The commercial areas are concentrated on Queen st and Kingston rd. While they enjoy a lively street life, the shops are not as densely packed as they are in other areas of the city and a car would be highly recommended. If you choose the TTC, Newville Park is the end of the line for the Queen st car that originates at Long Branch in the West. 


The Beaches is a large neighborhood, covering almost four square kilometers, because of the is remains at a lower density despite a population of just over 21,000 residents. It has seen a 3.5% growth since 2006 and is very popular with families. There are just a few more working age individuals here than the city average but when it comes to small children they are packed. There are 145 more young children in the Beaches than the city average, in fact there are more than 3600 young children living in the neighborhood. On the other end of the spectrum there are just 2300 seniors, most of whom are living with family. Low rise buildings are the most popular style of home although many residents enjoy single detached homes as well. There are new builds to access in the area , and although some are more than five stories, they do not reach the heights of the buildings in the west end lake communities. Most residents speak english both at home and as a mother tongue but there are some German and Spanish speakers as well. 82% of the population has post secondary education, the average income is well above the city average at over $100,000 and just 9% of families are low income.


It’s easy to see why the Beaches is such a huge draw for families. There are beautiful outdoor spaces, wide streets, plenty of room for cars and great schools. The residential streets are post card ready with a mix of single detached homes and unique low rise buildings. The painted clapboard homes along the base of Woodbine are not seen anywhere else in the city. In the morning you can take your coffee down to one of the parks along the lake or stroll the shops on Queen st. If you’re deep into stroller life you’ll be right at home and there are plenty of activities to join with your little one. There is a branch of the public library and there is the Beaches recreation centre which has programs for the entire family. There are public and private school options as well as a host of extracurricular classes for kids. For commercial shopping and day to day services, Queen st and Kingston rd both have a lot to offer. There are national banks, cleaners, salons and pet care as well some independant grocers. This is where a car will come in handy, to access major national grocers you will need to reach the far west corner of the neighborhood. There are excellent restaurants along Queen and plenty of cafes and quick service take out spots.  

What you'll love

Beach Life. In summer there are big shady trees, full sun beaches, watersports and beach volleyball. There is also the boardwalk which when bundled up makes the Beaches beautiful in winter too. Getting in on the ground floor. There are new builds happening in a few spots. They are not plentiful but they are happening. They are also beautiful, with modern style set next to the older charm of the neighborhood.