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Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods Condos For Rent

The vibrant condo neighbourhood of Trinity Bellwoods in Toronto has phenomenal buildings to choose from with a total of 8 condo buildings. Trinity Bellwoods is a perfect fusion of modern and hip condos, there are 4 Loft, 2 Mid-Rise, 6 Low-Rise and 1 Pre-Construction. Many condos for sale in Trinity Bellwoods feature excellent amenities perfectly located in Toronto. The average days on market for condos for sale in Trinity Bellwoods is 8 days. Trinity Bellwoods had 18 condos sold within it in 2020, an increase of 350% compared to the year before. Condos for sale in Trinity Bellwoods had an average sale price of $$955,361 last year, an increase of 20% from the prior year. This neighbourhood is Very Bikeable with a bike score of 85. a Rider's Paradise is available in Trinity Bellwoods. Trinity Bellwoods is Very Walkable with a walk score of 90. Little Portugal and Little Italy are nearby neighbourhoods.

Sud Forno is a great bakery in Trinity Bellwoods. If you are looking for coffee Jimmy's Coffee is in Trinity Bellwoods. There is cuisine from all over the world available at K & N Supermarket. Foodies won't be disappointed by the presence of Oyster Boy. There is a surprising amount of green space with Trinity Bellwoods Park and Trinity Bellwoods Dog Bowl in Trinity Bellwoods. Trinity Bellwoods Trinity Drug store and Hilary's Pharmacy are a short walk away as well. There are a number of museums and art galleries in Toronto including Stuart Jackson Gallery and The Developing Tank. Many gyms and fitness centers are popular with residents of Trinity Bellwoods. Some of these facilities are MuseMovement and Laya Spa and Yoga in Trinity Bellwoods. Schools in Trinity Bellwoods include Charles G Fraser Junior Public School and Givins/Shaw Junior Public School. There are many students in this neighbourhood as Former home of Trinity College is located within it.

What to Expect

Between College and Queen, west of Bathurst is Trinity Bellwoods. This is the centre for west end life and anything that can be imagined can be found here. If it isn’t already here, then it’s an opportunity to create, this vibrant enclave is home to artists and trade creatives that will fill any gap in the social landscape. The streets are lined with independent retailers, cafes services and galleries. The streetlife remains energetic twenty four hours a day and there is always something to see and do. The Park itself offers opportunity for outdoor recreation, relaxation and people watching. It’s possible to have a live work lifestyle or easily commute into the core. Ride your bike or take advantage of pedestrian life in this walkable neighborhood. Between the restaurants on College, Dundas, Ossington and Queen, you’ll be well fed and spoiled for choice. Finding a new build is difficult but there are some. Most of the area is occupied by older buildings that are full of charm and character. 


Nearly 65% of the people living in Trinity Bellwoods are working age. There are far fewer children than the city average but there are some families and services and schools for those who choose to reside here. Senior citizenship is on par with the rest of the city but nearly all of the 65 plus crowd in this are, live with family members. Very few choose to live alone despite access to so many street level amenities and services. Most people are living in at least two person homes although there are a significant portion of single occupants. It’s a medium density neighborhood with just over 9,000 people per square kilometer. It has see a very small amount of growth since 2006. More than 50% of residents live in apartments less than five stories.  Most people speak English but there are a significant portion of POrtuguese speakers and some Cantonese speakers as well. More than the average number of people are spending more than 30% of their income on housing. The average income is just under the city average a...


Trinity Bellwoods has everything you could want and even more than what you might expect in a west end neighborhood. Having four commercial streets in Queen, College, Ossington and Dundas and a major north-south thoroughfare on bathurst this neighborhood is packed with amenities and conveniences. There are an endless array of options for food. Queen has a host of quick service spots, as well as hot spots fronted by young chefs. College is filled with elegant dining rooms, quick service lunch spots and amazing Italian cafes. Ossington has become the epitome of what’s new in dining out. Competition and turnover are high, so there is always something newer and better opening. This stiff competition, lead to a spillover onto Dundas which now also boasts a crop of popular restaurants and watering holes. There are all manner of services available within walking distance, tailors, banks, pet stores and cleaners are on all of the commercial streets. There are indoor fitness options, yoga studios and gyms. Those prefe...

What you'll love

One-of-a-kind. Trinity Bellwoods has so many unique businesses. The arts community evidences itself through clothing designers, gift stores and all manner of hand crafted items. TTC. You’ll get it all here, streetcars on College, Dundas Queen and Bathurst. All of which connect to the subway.